Holiday Resort
Holiday Resort of Salina is a health care provider committed to service excellence. We believe that service is more than the care that is is the way the care is given. We are committed to providing a culture of premiere service based on individual needs, with the safeguard of personal dignity and resident rights. Our job is to enhance the quality of life and to provide the highest quality of cost-effective medical care for each resident.

Quality care in the most comfortable surroundings is provided on a 24-hour basis by our caring staff of professionals. We take pride in our resident accommodations and pay special attention to comfort, dignity, respect for each other, and personalized medical services. We have worked hard to establish our excellent reputation in the delivery of quality care at affordable prices.

At Holiday Resort we provide more than high quality health care, we provide a home and a family. As a family, you will always live here with the comfort of knowing that help is here when you need it. We will help you and your family through the transition of change. You will be given the opportunity to make new friends, share your memories and discover new interests. Personal attention to your needs also includes nutritional meals to satisfy virtually every palette. We take special pride in remembering your own preferences.

We are very proud of our professional staff. They are chosen on more than just their ability to provide sound nursing care. They are selected based on the empathy and love they display in caring for the total needs of our residents. The need for companionship, comfort and conversation is not lost at Holiday Resort of Salina. Through nursing assessment and care planning, with family input and participation, our staff assures personalized and unsurpassed quality care.

Our fees are based on the service that you require. It is based on a nursing assessment and your specific care level. The majority of our rooms are private. This affords you the opportunity of being in charge of your surroundings, your furnishings, room temperature, television and personal needs. With the services and amenities we offer, you will find our rates to be highly competitive.

We invite you to visit Holiday Resort of Salina to see the home-like atmosphere and the personalized care that our residents receive. We believe that we are more than a health care provider; we are home for those seeking compassion, understanding and professional response to enhance their quality of life.